“Demi Lovato Flaunts Cleavage in Low-Cut Outfit While Revealing Plans to Launch Record Label with Nick Jonas”

On Tuesday, Demi Lovato was spotted in New York City wearing a very revealing top that caught the attention of many. She paired the low-cut top with a black coat and other ensembles that complemented her figure, such as skinny jeans and open-toe bootie heels. It’s no surprise that she looked so happy during her outing as it was recently revealed that she will be launching her own record label with Nick Jonas. Don’t forget to watch the video below!

Low-cut looker! Demi Lovato donned a low-cut top for an outing in NYC on Tuesday

Demi Lovato chose a daring outfit for her recent outing in New York City. She was spotted wearing a low-cut top paired with simple jewelry, large sunglasses, and a black leather purse. To keep her hair in place, she tied it back into a low ponytail. During her stroll, a fan approached her and asked for a selfie, which the singer happily obliged. It’s possible that Demi was in the city to conduct some business, given her busy schedule in the entertainment industry.

Mogul in the making! It was announced that she is launching her own record label with Nick Jonas

With the news breaking out that she is venturing into the music industry, this young star is well on her way to becoming a mogul in her own right. Teaming up with none other than Nick Jonas, she is set to launch her very own record label.

Hard to miss! A fan spotted the hitmaker wearing the alluring top and stopped her for a selfie

A fan managed to catch a glimpse of the famous singer wearing an attractive top and asked her for a selfie. Earlier that day, it was announced that Demi Lovato, along with Nick Jonas, will be launching their record label called Safehouse Records, which aims to put artists at the forefront. The label will be in collaboration with Island Records and will give Lovato control over every aspect of her career, as stated in her statement. She also expressed her excitement about the venture and posted emotional photographs on Instagram, thanking the team behind Safehouse Records.

Joy: Demi posted this picture of herself and manager Phil McIntyre after signing the deal on their own record label alongside Nick Jonas, with a long tribute to him

Demi Lovato shared a picture of herself with her manager Phil McIntyre after signing a deal for their own record label, together with Nick Jonas. In a long tribute to McIntyre, she expressed gratitude for his unwavering support and perseverance during her darkest moments, recalling how he fought hard to help her overcome addiction. The new label will not only release their music but also sign new talent and give them a chance to become part owners and share in the company’s success. Nick Jonas has already collaborated with Demi before and is currently promoting his own album. Meanwhile, Demi Lovato is busy working on her fifth studio album.

Business partners: Demi will join her former fellow Disney star Nick Jonas in founding Safehouse Records; seen above they posed at a pre-Grammy event in February

Demi, a former Disney star, will be teaming up with her colleague and fellow Disney star, Nick Jonas, to establish Safehouse Records. The two were spotted together in a pre-Grammy event in February.

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