Demi Lovato’s Bold New Hairdo: A Fusion of “Clueless” and “The Matrix”

Demi Lovato recently shared a selfie on her Instagram Stories showcasing a hairstyle that will surely inspire your younger self. The singer’s shorter locks were styled with gelled-down bangs held in place by three silver snap clips on each side of her head, creating a bouffant effect. This look demonstrates how hair accessories can complete an outfit, as the clips perfectly matched Lovato’s silver chrome nails. When combined with well-placed hand tattoos, this style exudes a grunge aesthetic that’s perfect for the upcoming indie-sleaze trend. If you’re ready to give yourself a nostalgic makeover, take inspiration from popular ’90s and early ’00s beauty trends, such as supermodel nails, spiky updos, and brown lip liner. Get a closer look at Lovato’s hair by checking out the video on her Instagram page.

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