Demi Lovato’s Scandalous Tour Takes Over London: Eye-Popping Chair Dance in Underwear and Thigh-High Boots!

Demi Lovato has been keeping her fans excited with her stylish clothing during her Tell Me That You Love Me tour. During her performance at London’s o2 arena on Monday night, the 25-year-old singer wowed her fans with a provocative and sensual show. Sporting fishnet stockings, sexy thigh-high boots, and underwear, she sang to her adoring fans while seated sexily on a sofa before moving on to gyrating over a chair.

All about the music: Demi Lovato wore skimpy underwear and thigh-high boots as her VERY provocative tour hit London's o2 arena on Monday night 

Demi Lovato rocked the London’s o2 arena with her seductive tour on Monday night, sporting a revealing pair of lingerie and thigh-high boots, all in the name of music.

Shimmy: She gyrated her curves against a chair as she performed one of her many routines 

Shimmy: The performer shook and moved her body seductively against a chair while showcasing one of her numerous acts. With an array of costumes at her disposal, she often sported a see-through robe whilst frolicking alongside her backup dancers on stage. At times, you could find her clad in a white lingerie set, strumming a red electric guitar as she perched herself on a bed. Just the previous night, Demi shared an emotional piece of music titled “Sober,” where she poured her heart out and admitted to relapsing after being sober for six years.

Doing her thing: She had several outfits several times, wearing a sheer robe as she cavorted with her backing dancers while on stage

Doing her own thing, she had multiple wardrobe changes throughout her performance, even sporting a see-through robe as she danced alongside her backup dancers.

Boxing clever: She put on a sequin robe and lace-up boots and looked like she was about to get into the ring

Styled! Wearing her hair in cute plaits, she belted out her hits

Demi made a bold fashion statement when she donned a sparkly robe and boots that resembled boxing gear on stage. The Rock in Rio Lisboa Festival audience cheered loudly as she began singing, but as the song progressed, Demi seemed to be holding back tears. Despite this emotional moment, she later tweeted a video of her performance, expressing gratitude to all those who have supported her through her personal struggles. She also acknowledged that this experience is one that she will always remember.

Emotional: Demi fought back tears as she sang her new song Sober in Portugal on Sunday; pictured performing at O2 Arena Monday

Demi was visibly emotional during her performance in Portugal on Sunday, as she sang her latest track Sober. The singer had recently opened up about experiencing a relapse and it was clear that the personal lyrics of the song were hitting close to home. Despite her raw emotions, Demi gave a powerful and heartfelt performance for her fans.

Adoring fans: The crowd in Lisbon, Portugal chanted, 'We love you, we love you' after her emotional performance of Sober on Sunday; pictured performing at O2 Arena Monday

Undoubtedly, her supporters were ecstatic to witness her performance.

Getting real: The 25-year old fought back tears as she sang the lyrics: 'And I’m sorry for the fans I lost. Who watched me fall again. I want to be a role model, but I’m only human;              pictured performing at O2 Arena Monday

Let’s be honest: The young woman of 25 couldn’t hold back her tears when she sang the following words: ‘I know I lost some fans along the way. Who saw me stumble and fall.’

Giving thanks: Demi tweeted a video of the performance with the caption, 'Tonight I took the stage, a new person with a new life. Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout this journey. It will never be forgotten'; pictured performing at O2 Arena Monday

Expressing gratitude: Demi shared a video of her performance on Twitter and wrote, ‘I just had an incredible moment on stage, feeling like a completely transformed individual with a fresh perspective on life. I’m deeply appreciative of all the amazing people who have stood by me during this journey. Your unwavering support will always hold a special place in my heart.’

Demi’s heartfelt performance left the audience deeply moved as she sang to them, “I apologize to those who stood by me but watched me fall. I aspire to be a model for others, but I’m flawed because I’m human.” In the chorus, she sang an apology to her parents, “Mom, I’m sorry, I’m not sober anymore,” and to her father, “Dad, please forgive me for the spilled drinks on the ground.” As the song concluded, the spectators chanted, “We adore you, we adore you.”

Lullaby: Another ensemble saw her wearing a white lingerie set as she played a red electric guitar while perched on a bed

As she performed, the musician donned a white lingerie outfit and strummed a red electric guitar while perched on a bed. The soothing melody of the lullaby filled the room, creating a peaceful ambiance.

Body confidence: She showed off her curves in all her glory as she performed to the crowd 

Self-assurance about one’s physical appearance: She confidently flaunted her voluptuous figure while entertaining the audience.

Putting her best foot forward: She added inches to her height wearing nude heeled boots 

Showing off her confidence: She enhanced her stature with a pair of neutral-colored high-heeled boots.

Throwing it back: She lay back on the bed as she writhed around

Taking a trip down memory lane: the songstress reclined on her bed, twisting and turning. In a candid revelation last October through her documentary Simply Complicated, the singer opened up about her ongoing battle with addiction, mental health issues and eating disorders. On the 15th of March this year, she proudly marked her sixth year of sobriety. She bravely spoke about the root cause of her substance abuse – her father’s addiction to drugs and alcohol, which led him to prioritize substance abuse over his family. She admitted to searching for the same high that her father found in addictive substances.

Taking the plunge: Demi also wore a Seventies inspired glitzy jumpsuit

Demi Lovato, a popular singer, was seen wearing a flashy jumpsuit with a 70s vibe. She has checked into rehab twice, the first time being in 2010 and the second time three years later. In her latest single, she admits to having no excuses and expresses her desire to be a role model while acknowledging that she is only human. Demi’s Tell Me You Love Me world tour will continue with a show in Italy at the Bologna Unipol Arena after her recent performance in London.

On the road: The songstress is currently on her Tell Me You Love Me world tour; pictured performing at O2 Arena Monday

Currently, the songstress is embarking on her worldwide Tell Me You Love Me tour while traveling from place to place.

European leg:  The Tell Me You Love Me world tour heads to Bologna, Italy Wednesday; pictured performing at O2 Arena Monday

The upcoming destination for the Tell Me You Love Me world tour is Bologna in Italy where the European leg will take place starting on Wednesday.

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