The Return of the Curly Hair: Lady Gaga Spotted in ’80s-Inspired Wig While Recording Music with Furry Companion.

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All in a curl: Lady Gaga wore a very curly week while in New York on Monday

Lady Gaga rocked a head full of bouncy curls while out and about in New York on Monday. This bold fashion statement was quite the contrast to the makeup-free selfie she shared just a few days prior, where she showed off her natural beauty while lounging in bed. Her caption for the photo was simple yet relatable: “Day off sleepy girl.”

Sheer: Not only did Gaga wear a big wig but she also wore a sheer lace top beneath which her bra could be seen

Sheer: Not only did Gaga wear a big wig but she also wore a sheer lace top beneath which her bra could be seen

Gaga went all out with her fashion statement by donning a voluminous wig and pairing it with a translucent lace top that revealed her bra underneath.

Not coming off: Gaga kept her wig on even when she retired to bed for the evening

Gaga didn’t take off her wig even while sleeping at night. In a photo, the singer looked directly at the camera with her big blue eyes and slightly open mouth. She seemed to be going topless as her shoulders were bare above the bed sheets.

What has she come as today? Lady Gaga appeared to have dressed as some kind of mob wife for a saunter in New York on Thursday


What’s Lady Gaga’s outfit of the day? On Thursday of last week, she was seen strolling around New York City while looking like a glamorous mafia wife.

Au naturel: Lady Gaga shared a make-up free selfie on Wednesday, captioned, 'Day off sleepy girl'

Lady Gaga took a break from her busy tour schedule and posted a photo of herself without any make-up on Wednesday. In the caption, she mentioned that she was feeling tired after a show in San Jose, California. The pop star has been performing extensively throughout May, including 10 shows in the same month. She appeared to be looking forward to a much-needed day off, as she tweeted about spending her day watching Dateline, taking naps, and eating deli sandwiches.

Woman's best friend: The 28-year-old superstar shared this image in the wee hours of Wednesday morning with her dog Asia, writing, 'Me and my piggy go sleepy, she likes a mask too hers says 'ten more minutes'

The famous 28-year-old singer recently posted a photo on Wednesday of herself with her furry companion, Asia. The post indicated that the two were about to go to bed, with Asia wearing a mask that reads ‘ten more minutes’. The impressive Versace model is currently on a long break from her tour, with her next show scheduled for June 26 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In a tweet the day before, Gaga announced that her San Jose show would be their last before taking a three-week hiatus. On the same day she posted the photo with Asia, both of them had a fun time doing water activities, with Gaga lying face down on a paddleboard while her dog balanced on one end.

Splish splash! On Tuesday morning, she and her dog Asia had an aquatic adventure

On a Tuesday morning, she had a fun time with her furry friend Asia in the water. Unfortunately, she had to cancel her upcoming concerts in Seattle and Vancouver because she was experiencing bronchitis. To let her fans know, she shared a tweet featuring Ursula from The Little Mermaid and expressed her sadness about losing her melodic voice due to the illness. She also apologized to her fans in Seattle and Vancouver and promised to reschedule the shows soon.

Work it! The G.U.Y. hitmaker performing in Madison Square Garden in New York on May 13 as a part of her ArtRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball world tour

Get ready to rock! Lady Gaga, the genius behind the popular song G.U.Y., took the stage at Madison Square Garden in New York on May 13th as part of her ArtRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball world tour.

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