“Unexpected Grocery Store Encounter: Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper’s Friendship Blossoms After Collaborating in ‘A Star Is Born'”

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, who have recently teamed up to work on the remake of the iconic movie A Star Is Born, were spotted shopping together in Malibu over the weekend. Later, the singer took the talented actor for a ride in her vintage blue Bronco.

Just business: Lady Gaga, 30, and Bradley Cooper, 41, enjoyed a shopping trip together in Malibu on Sunday

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were spotted doing some shopping in Malibu recently, but it was purely business. The 30-year-old pop singer showed off her toned legs in a pair of grey denim cut-offs, matched with a white bodysuit. She accessorized the outfit with earrings, a necklace, sunglasses, and black sneakers to complete her casual look. Meanwhile, Bradley, who is 41, appeared to be in good spirits while hanging out with the singer.

Her look: For their grocery run, Gaga showed off her toned legs in a set of grey denim cut-offs, paired with a simple white bodysuit

Gaga flaunted her fit figure during a recent trip to the grocery store, donning a chic ensemble consisting of grey denim shorts and a basic white bodysuit that accentuated her toned legs.

Day wear: To complete her casual style, the star added earrings, a necklace, shades and black sneakers

For her everyday outfit, the celebrity accessorized with a pair of earrings, a necklace, sunglasses, and stylish black sneakers to elevate her relaxed look.

Happy-go-lucky: Bradley was in a cheery mood alongside the singer

With a carefree attitude, Bradley was feeling quite joyful in the company of the vocalist.

The good-looking celebrity chose to conceal his face with a beard and reflective sunglasses. Bradley’s well-toned body was showcased in his snug red shirt and jeans outfit. After a quick stop at Vintage Foods, the pair headed to the vehicle of the Poker Face singer.

In control: Gaga, who recently earned her license this summer, drove the two, along with their pals, to their intended destination

Gaga took the wheel and chauffeured her friends to their desired location, demonstrating her newfound driving skills after obtaining her license earlier this summer.

Big role: In August, it was announced that the songstress would star in latest version of A Star Is Born

Significant part: The news broke in August that the talented female artist was set to take on a lead role in the upcoming remake of A Star Is Born. Over the summer, Gaga obtained her driver’s license and drove the group, including Bradley and some friends, to their desired location. Warner Brothers will be producing the film, with Bradley serving as the director.

In charge: The project, put out by Warner Brothers, will feature Bradley as director

Taking the lead on the upcoming project from Warner Brothers, Bradley will be stepping into the director’s seat.

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